Lexi Barton

I highly recommend Annabel’s Thriving Minds Education classes. I take my 18 month old son to the toddler parent-child classes and he has a wonderful time interacting with the other children and playing with the wonderful toys that Annabel has carefully selected to stimulate their minds and assist with their development. Each week Annabel discusses a new topic on early childhood development and is on hand to answer any specific questions that parents have. I have learnt so much about why my toddler is reacting to certain situations, how he is feeling and what I can do as a parent to promote his development!

Written June 5th 2018

Mary Wolfla

I have been taking my 2 year old son to the toddler sessions for a few weeks now. We are getting lots out of it! Annabel leads the classes with a different focus every week, my son loves the activities and I learn more every class about his development and what I can do to support his development at home. I highly recommend these classes as a support to parents, especially for parents looking to socialise their children in a structured environment.

Written February 27th 2018