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Parent- Child Social Emotional Classes

The Parent-Child Social Emotional Classes are based on the philosophy of the Circle of Security and the attachment theory. Children aged 2 to 6 years old can attend these classes.

The Parent-Child Social Emotional Classes can go for one hour each week over ten weeks. There is also an initial one hour consultation and developmental screening before the first class and then a final one hour consultation and developmental screening after the tenth class. The developmental screenings ensure that the classes are individualised and more effective for you and your child.

These classes are great for learning about how to nurture your child's social emotional development and how to make your relationship with your child more secure.

For example these classes can be useful if you are experiencing challenging behaviours such as tantrums, biting, hitting, hair pulling, lack of confidence, defiance, separation anxiety, bullying, outbursts, lack of empathy or sibling rivalry.

The classes can also be extremely useful If you have been going through some particularly big stressful life events like separation or death of a close loved one.


Session Topics Include;

- Using praise

- Setting clear and consistent limits

- Promoting positive social behaviours

- Identifying and expressing feelings

- Managing feelings and emotions

- Understanding behaviour

- Building resilience

- Executive function skills (working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility)


Please contact the Director of Thriving Minds Education, Annabel for more information or to arrange a convenient time for a class. The classes are able to be run in small groups or as an individual class with the parent and child.