Are you struggling or concerned about your toddler or young child? 

Perhaps they are biting, hitting, withdrawn, fearful, overwhelmed, going through big life changes, struggling to adjust to a new sibling, being bullied, trying to cope with separated parents or grieving a loved one?

Do you sometimes feel alone in your journey as a parent? 

Are you confused and overwhelmed about the different parenting styles? 

A consultant brings an outside perspective and expertise to your situation. They can help bring a focus to underlying themes, needs or problems.

During consultations you will be provided with tools and strategies for moving through your current situation and also gain a greater understanding of early childhood development. 

In early childhood the brain is building all the connections for all areas of development, which are interconnected. In these early years the brain is building a foundation for how to deal with day to day life and the challenges that come along with that. The ability to change behaviour decreases over time.

Life does have its ups and downs but persistent "toxic" stress in early childhood changes the brain architecture and affects how the brain and body copes with stress in the future. Experiences build brain connections and "toxic" stress weakens brain architecture.

While the brain is forming and perfecting these neural connections in early childhood it provides the ideal opportunity to change unhealthy behaviours. 

Language skills, emotional responses, and social behaviour, as well as basic sensory and motor capacities, are shaped powerfully and permanently by such early experiences.
— Brain Development: From Conception to Adolescence, Alberta Family Wellness

Long term effects of toxic stress includes the following;

  • Excessive insulin secretion, type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension, coronary heart disease
  • Vulnerability to inflammatory diseases
  • Loss of interest, depression
  • Hyperarousal and anxiety disorders
  • Preponderance of aversive memories (PTSD)

(Allostatic Load and It's Consequences, Alberta Family Wellness) 

It's ok to ask for help as it takes a community to raise a child. 

You can  come to the individual consultations with or without your child/ren.