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Birth to 1 yr olds class

The Birth to 1 yr olds classes are 1 hr long. Each session has a maximum of 4 babies to ensure ample time for questions and discussions. Each session focuses on a topic or question to discuss and work through. Also during each session there are opportunities for enhancing your relationship with your baby through engaging and playing with a variety of learning materials. Each session provides activities for promoting all areas of their development.

Session Topics

Session 1: Getting to know the parents and babies in the class and how do babies learn through play?
Session 2: Language development
Session 3: Development of thinking skills
Session 4: Development of movement
Session 5: Social-emotional development
Session 6: The Attachment theory
Session 7: Attachment theory/ Circle of Security and how to help your baby calm down
Session 8: Circle of Security and how to manage your feelings of anger and frustration that come up when you are with your baby
Session 9: Developmentally appropriate toys and resources
Session 10: Celebrate the end of the term and reflect on achievements

Siblings are most welcome to come along and only cost $5 extra per class.